New Functions For Cloud-based Remote Maintenance

mguard secureThe mGuard Secure Remote Service from Phoenix Contact is now available worldwide with new functions. In response to market and customer requirements, we have extended our cloud-based remote maintenance platform to include the following functions in version 2.9:

PREMIUM Edition customers receive twice as much transfer volume per service connection. With the configurable timeouts, customers can now decide themselves on a granular basis at account or user level what time automatic logout should take place.

In restrictive environments, it is often impossible to establish a VPN connection via IPsec standard ports. This is why mGuard Secure Remote Service with the Machine Path Finder has the option of establishing firewall-friendly VPN tunnels. In addition, customers can now enable automatic e-mail notification when the machine VPN is established. When this type of VPN goes online, an e-mail is sent to the stored address.

Service Allocation enables service technicians to be assigned to user groups and allocates flexible service connections to these groups.