Electronics Housings For Powerful Devices

electronic housingsPhoenix Contact is now supplying its modular ICS series DIN rail housings in an overall width of 50 mm. The new electronics housings accommodate up to four printed circuit boards, making them suitable for even more powerful automation concepts such as I/O groups.

DIN rail connectors enable easy module-to-module communication. The entire series now encompasses overall widths of 20, 25, and 50 mm as well as overall heights of 77, 100, and 122 mm.

Standardised device connections such as RJ45, USB, D-SUB, and antenna sockets are also supplemented by codable PCB connectors for the housing series. The connectors with 3.5 mm and 5.0 mm pitches are designed for currents up to 16 A and voltages up to 300 V. They are compatible with the existing connection technology range. The coding element integrated into the connector parts provides reliable protection against mismatching thanks to connection of connectors and headers for the first time.