Modular Proxy For Direct Connection To Profinet

modular proxyThe Axioline P modular proxy from Phoenix Contact connects Profibus PA segments directly to a Profinet network.

The modular station communicates with a Profinet controller, e.g., a distributed control system (DCS), via a bus coupler. As an option, up to eight Profibus PA segments can be connected to the individual proxy outlets in a compact way. To ensure the individual segments are immune to interference, appropriate shield connection technology is available.

FDT/DTM technology simplifies the start-up and device management of both the proxy station, which is fully integrated into higher-level control systems, and the connected Profibus PA devices. The AXL P BK PN AF bus coupler supports the specification for implementing S2 system redundancy using only one bus coupler. Two bus couplers are required in order to satisfy Profinet system redundancy R1 and R2. The hot-swap capability integrated in the bus coupler ensures high system availability.

The Profibus PA segment is supplied with power using a single fieldbus power supply module. To ensure failsafe performance and high process reliability, two power supply modules are installed in a single base, thus supplying a Profibus PA segment redundantly. The local LED display on the power supply module issues the status of the module and redundancy.

The Profibus PA sensor technology can be connected directly to the modular Axioline P proxy or via a device coupler. Fieldbus technology such as HART or Modbus/RTU can therefore be integrated into Profinet networks via Profibus PA gateways that are connected to the modular Axioline P proxy. In this way, existing system concepts can be modernized easily and efficiently.